Welcomat (Philadelphia), 1981-1994

Index to ‘Editor’s Notebook’ and other articles

Virtually all of the entries below concern my “Editor’s Notebook” column. Years 1981-83 are complete; the period from 1984-94 is less complete but is being updated gradually.


10/7/81 Introduction: “Once and Future City”
10/7/81 Phila. School. District; Phila. Bulletin; Philly Week (Robert Cherry); Jim Quinn; Renata Scotto
10/14/81 Art Spikol at Philadelphia Mag. (Media Watch)
10/14/81 World Series; women in 40s; Inquirer/Muppets
10/21/81 Opera Co. of Phila.; Phila. schools strike
10/28/81 Hors d’oeuvres; Tim Whitaker re Bulletin; Judge Edward Bradley
11/4/81 Scuzz on the Square (Joan Greenberg); Rittenhouse food co-op
11/4/81 Condo conversion at Carlton House
11/11/81 Carlton House condo conversion (follow-up); Charles Peruto; Brooke Shields
11/18/81 Deep thoughts from the Bulletin (Claude Lewis); Charles Peruto; Keep America Beautiful Inc.; Inquirer re law firms; David Stockman
11/25/81 American street vs. Ukrainian-American Club; Carlton House follow-up; Ron Javers (Philadelphia Magazine); Walt Whitman Democratic Club
12/2/81 City of constant change; Tom Fox (Inquirer); School District; Welcomat listings
12/2/81 Parody of Bulletin’s Jackpot promotion
12/9/81 Martin Brown leaves Greenfield; Bulletin; Inquirer; Philadelphia Magazine; condos
12/9/81 “Count Ory” (review) (Penna. Opera Theatre)
12/16/81 How Phila. media view culture (Phila. Past and Present)
12/16/81 John Powers (Black Patent Leather Shoes); weather; Kohler, Wis.; Chestnut YWCA; Michael Marcase; films
12/23/81 Philadelphia Journal folds; The Commissary
12/30/81 Christmas stock-taking; Ford Stevens; Kiki Olson; Meir of Rothenburg (names); Tayoun and pornography; abortion


1/6/82 Poland; Chuck Stone (Daily News); Bulletin (Craig Ammerman); “Reds”
1/13/82 Stories not to expect in 1982; Carlton House follow-up; Bulletin
1/20/82 Perfectionist wives (Lady Bird Johnson); Annson Kenney, Marvin Burak, Joan Kerr obits
1/27/82 Rolex watches; Smithsonian; Carlton House follow-up; Kiki Olson re clothes; Barbara Leff and Super Bowl
2/3/82 Death of the Bulletin 2/10/82 True believers (Bill Dunn); street people; Wilson Goode
2/17/82 Mid-City YWCA; Kenneth Krakauer; Bulletin
2/24/82 Kind words for work; Noel Weyrich on “The Family”
3/3/82 Opera Company of Phila. (more Italians needed); Eugene Roberts (Inquirer); Herman Mattleman’s name
3/10/82 Folly of the orderly mind (street vendors, Pete Dexter, Ron Javers; Art Spikol leaves Philadelphia Mag.; Adrian Lee
3/17/82 Vanishing supermarkets; Abscam bribes; Inquirer re Joey Coyle
3/24/82 Media watchdogs (Accuracy in Media, National News Council); Phila. public schools (Martin Brown)
3/31/82 Mayor Green vs. WCAU-TV
4/7/82 Mayor Green’s libel suit vs. WCAU-TV; Phila. Business Journal; Art Carey re Union League (Inquirer)
4/14/82 Falkland islands war; Barbara Leff; State Senate primaries; Eva Lefkowitz; photocopy shop
4/21/82 Center City Proprietors; Helen Oakes; David Boldt (Inquirer); Daniel McElhatton
4/28/82 Weighing legislative candidates (Rappaport, Josephs, Britton); Israel in Sinai; will Rizzo run?
5/5/82 City Council freebies; Opera Co. of Phila (Pavarotti); Curtis; Mozart on the Square; La Boheme
5/12/82 Why Philadelphia is different (Tom Moore, Philadelphia Mag.); Carlton House condo follow-up
5/19/82 Welcomat copies for sale (United News); Penn’s alumni parade; who misses the Bulletin?
5/26/82 What makes Rizzo run? Phila. Folk Fair; restaurant critics; Harold Katz (76ers)
6/2/82 Why legal gambling doesn’t work; Rizzo; Milton Street; Bill Dunn; Sheraton Hotel; Inquirer Sunday book review; Rebecca Sinkler
6/9/82 Doctors, gamblers, Rizzo libel suit
6/16/82 Principal search at Greenfield School; Phila. Mag re alternative newspapers (John Cochran); A.J. Liebling; gun control
6/23/82 J.P. Morgan meets Anthony Drexel, 1871
6/30/82 John Bunting resigns (First Penna. Bank); Inquirer price hike; Mark Mandelkern departs, Larry Singer arrives
7/7/82 WASP editor named to key post (parody, Chris Woodside)
7/7/82 Why Americans don’t vote; housing solution; Opera Co. of Phila (Il Gallo Nero)
7/14/82 The case for a secular Israel
7/14/82 Candide review (Pennsylvania Opera Theater)
7/21/82 Queen Elizabeth’s contract; Mann Music center; my father at Robin Hood Dell; Hillary’s ice cream
7/28/82 Unsung heroes: Royal Dano; Gloria Johns; Inquirer; Carlton House
8/4/82 Newspaper editorials; Wilson Goode; Avis slogan; Joe Adcock, McLean family (Bulletin)
8/11/82 Gay revolution; Ron Javers and Daily News; Lisa Carol Burden
8/18/82 Future of Chestnut Street; Philadelphia Stars (football team); Dorothy Storck re doctors (Inquirer); Jeanne Sutton
8/25/82 Opera Co. of Philadelphia on TV; Derek Davis becomes theater critic; Center City con men; Philadelphia cab drivers
9/1/82 Death penalty; Rosenbergs; Elizabeth R on public TV
9/8/82 WHYY: begging vs. selling; bargain dinners
9/15/82 Capitalism v. communism, city vs. country; Rizzo’s gambler son-in-law
9/22/82 Princess Grace Kelly eulogy
9/29/82 Israel: Persecutors and victims; Vince Papale; Judith Sills; WHYY
10/6/82 Grace Kelly and Israel follow-up
10/13/82 Newspaper strike (Inquirer, Daily News); Muti (Philadelphia Orchestra); pro football strike alternative (Penn at Franklin Field)
10/20/82 Real-world survival; An Officer and a Gentleman; The New Paper; Rizzo’s candidacy; Ronald Reagan Jr.
10/27/82 Gil Spencer’s endorsement logic (Daily News); fake-fur hat (George I. Eakle)
11/3/82 Why Reaganomics hasn’t worked; Penn-Princeton game; Tim Whitaker
11/10/82 Library Company; Geographical Society; Frank Dolson (Inquirer) re pro football strike; Inquirer editorials
11/17/82 Harvard band’s grandiloquence; Christmas promotions; Barry Dimson and bike parking; reverse appeal of snobbish florists, etc.
11/24/82 Blind spots (Anthony Lukas, etc.); Sophia Loren; Advertising Age re Welcomat
12/1/82 Pack mentality journalism (Batoff, Gittis, Pete Dexter, Larry Fields, Tom, Fox); “Street of Women” (1700 block of Sansom St.)
12/1/82 “Our Vanishing States” (parody of Inquirer series)
12/8/82 Death in 40s (Bill Klenk, Cassie Mackin); Strawbridge & Clothier food hall
12/15/82 Why private clubs discriminate
12/15/82 Philadelphians for all seasons (300 great Philadelphians)
12/22/82 Our readers’ assumptions; Mary Cunningham (Bendix Corp.)
12/29/82: The word “should”; Len Lear at comedy club; Henny Youngman; Jim Naughton


1/5/83 Jack Kelly’s mugging; bank MACC machines; Inquirer re NFL officials; Reed Stevens and “Madonna on the Parkway”
1/12/83 Population control; Judith Sills
1/19/83 Broad Street scene; “Grammar Court”; Rizzo
1/26/83 Thornburgh inaugural rhetoric; Frank Ford v. Dolly Banks
2/2/83 Welcomat’s longevity; population control (follow-up); Jeanne Moreau; El Al
2/9/83 An accidental evening (Curtis); Joe Paterno; health foods (Jeffrey Rosenstock); Mid-City YWCA
2/16/83 Snowstorm; YWCA Sweetheart Dance; SEPTA bus vignette; Rizzo candidacy
2/23/83 Gandhi and guilt vs. fear br> 3/2/83 Advertising influence and Welcomat; Jesse Jackson
3/9/83 Religion (Cathy Gardner, Don Cox, Bob Blacksberg); Jesse Jackson follow-up; M*A*S*H
3/16/83 Anne Gorsuch Burford (EPA); Shana Alexander on Jean Harris; chic tramps (Eugene Griffin)
3/23/83 Rizzo-Goode debate; Beatty on SEPTA; Don Cox on Chinatown and Inquirer; Hugh Ronald eulogy
3/30/83 My pet peeves (also see 5/4/83); Middle East Restaurant’s 25th anniversary; Stanley Green; astrology column<
4/6/83 Rizzo’s immaturity; Mehta plays Wagner at Israel Philharmonic
4/13/83 Julie’s bat mitzvah; me as super in Opera Company’s Carmen
4/20/83 East Germany
4/20/83 (Feature) Parody of Inquirer “Personalities” column
4/27/83 My role as opera super in Carmen
5/4/83 Power of teachers; crime of rape; more pet peeves; Chocho Japanese restaurant; film critics (Albert Herchick); Welcomat circulation
5/11/83 Teacher and student mentality; Inquirer re Rolf Larsen 5/18/83 Rebuttals to Bob Sanders (Marxism), Len Lear (city planning, Disney World, prostitution); SEPTA bus pickpockets follow-up
5/25/83 Post-primary proposals (Goode, Rizzo, Egan, Leonard)
6/1/83 Mature employees; farewell Chris Woodside, welcome Jill Schoenstein
6/8/83 Fighting communism peacefully; complaints from theaters and restaurants
6/15/83 Lipson; Edghill v. Philadelphia Mag. libel suit
6/22/83 Misuse of economics (Ann Davidon; Marxism); Edghill v. Philadelphia Mag. libel suit (follow-up); Terry Moore and Howard Hughes; Welcomat advertisers 6/29/83 Holgar Linden obit
7/6/83 Protecting national secrets (Donald Regan); Solzhenitsyn; Steve Fried on Fred Mann in Philadelphia Mag.; Hertz and Avis
7/13/83 Boston; Inquirer, Daily News on Eagles; Valerie Drake; Girard Bank; Jaruzelski; Christine Woodside
7/20/83 Lawyers and journalists (Sprague v. Inquirer, libel suits)
7/27/83 Sexual morality (AIDS and Jim Stanton article)
8/3/83 Convention Center location (Leonard Fruchter); gay and straight
8/10/83 Penn’s Landing summer dances; Taxin and historic preservation
8/24/83 Perry Ellis; George Will; Robert Bartley; pet peeves; Bible on sodomy; Thomas Hulce
8/31/83 Getting Welcomat’s attention; my 100th issue; I step down as film critic; Center City porno houses
9/7/83 Gender integration at Central H.S.; Phila. school teachers; Amy Dobernick; Nicholas Ifft on AIDS; Rendell corrects injustice
9/14/83 Reagan and Soviets; After Dark section, expansion into West Phila.; Inquirer on Orwell
9/21/83 Clark DeLeon (Inquirer) and “institutional mind” 9/28/83 September depression; Muti and Phila. Orchestra; James Watt; Clark DeLeon follow-up
10/5/83 Center City musical renaissance; DP Class of ’64 (Tauss, Ruthrauff); Derek Davis
10/12/83 Herb Lipson’s racism (Wilson Goode); Frank Rossi (Inquirer)
10/19/83 Vietnam (PBS); Al Meltzer on Howard Cosell; Pennsylvania census forecast
10/26/83 Frog 10th anniversary party;
11/2/83 MacJannets; U.S. forces in Lebanon; mayoral election
11/9/83 My over-40 generation; Jewish population; Tom Fox on Teamsters (Inquirer)
11/16/83 Erasmus and &”ugly ducklings” (Phila. Gay News); Stu Goldman; my bicycle
11/23/83 Case for nuclear arms; Abe Goodhart on hospitals
1/30/83 Greyhound strike
12/7/83 James K. Polk (Beirut, Reagan); Laurence Salzmann (Romania); Mattleman; Four Seasons Hotel
12/14/83 Yuri Andropov “interview”
12/14/83 Momentum theories; AIDS and dentists; Holgar Linden follow-up (Jaipaul); Marc Paller; Philadelphia Lawyers follow-up
12/21/83 The trouble with pro football; Gay News; Jim O’Brien; Christmas
12/28/83 Fatalism and 1984; Len Lear on English; South Carolina rape case


1/4/84: Terms of Endearment; drunken driving; Jews and Palestinians; Stanley Green; State Stores
1/11/84 Royal Pickwickians; Jaipaul Galleries; Shimon Braun (Waves)
1/18/84 Computers; my word processor
1/25/84 Opera Co.’s Faust
2/1/84 William Buckley’s Overdrive
2/8/84 Alexander Cockburn and Village Voice
2/15/84 Acel Moore’s conflict (Inquirer)
2/22/84 Death of condomania
2/29/84 Foglietta-Tayoun debate
3/7/84 New Bedford gang-rape trial
3/14/84 Philadelphia Orchestra and its new persona
3/21/84 Foglietta-Tayoun
3/28/84 Rating restaurants
4/11/84 Editor-writer relationships (tips for success)
4/18/84 Newspaper ethics codes
4/25/84 Who makes a difference?
5/2/84 Future of Center City
5/9/84 Frank Rossi and Dorothy Storck ‘s leftist economics
5/16/84 Value of bad ideas (re Chuck MacNamara col.)
5/23/84 Rouse’s towers
6/6/84 City Council and “gay pride” endorsement
6/13/84 My paranoid friends
6/20/84 Gay pride and the pack mentality
7/18/84 Back from France
7/25/84 Chartres parody
8/1/84 Employers as consumers
8/8/84 Nixon’s resignation, ten years later
8/15/84 My role models
9/5/84 Jack Slade
9/12/84 Recognizing our enemies
9/19/84 Free Library
9/26/84 Nancy Reagan- Pat Nixon
10/3/84 Welcomat’s spiritual cousins
10/10/84 Presidential debates
10/17/84 Bush-Ferraro debates
10/24/84 Doris Lessing writing under pseudonym; Richette.
10/31/84 Abortion issue
11/7/84 Libel suits; our struggle
11/14/84 Landslides and backlashes
11/28/84 Dr. Ies Spetter at Fieldston
12/12/84 Welcomat part-timers
12/19/84 Bailing out Leonard Tose (Eagles, Vet)
12/19/84 “Boredroom” parody (Philadelphia Magazine)
12/26/84 Good years/ bad years


1/2/85 Eagles-Arizona parody (Welcomat moving to Arizona)
1/23/85 Generational segregation
1/30/85 Curtis, Horszowski, Opera Co.
2/6/85 Helms, Bob Sanders, taking audience for granted
2/13/85 My charity giving
2/20/85 Middle-class values
2/27/85 Noel Weyrich vs. Rick Lyman
3/6/85 Why the Bulletin died
3/13/85 Playboy Club/ Leonard Tose
3/20/85 Eugene Ormandy
4/3/85 The trouble with lawyers
4/10/85 Instead of lawyers
4/17/85 Voluntary power (lawyers)
4/24/85 Ice cream shops; Dad under ether
5/1/85 Daily News Pulitzer Prize (Rich Aregood)
5/8/85 Reagan at Bitburg, Germany; Columbia Journalism Review attacks Manhattan Inc. & Herb Lipson
5/15/85 Welcomat writers (Meline, McGoldrick)
5/22/85 MOVE bombing (Osage Ave.)
5/29/85 Sambor on MOVE; Welcomat writers and alumni
6/5/85 Accents (Ruth Westheimer); Weyrich on Aregood; Bob Sheridan
6/12/85 Willard Rouse, Herb Lipson
6/19/85 Portland (Ind.) Runkle tragedy, MOVE; Reed Stevens; Lisa
6/26/85 Terrorism (TWA hijackers)
7/3/85 Reagan solutions to life; Lipson and Manhattan Inc.
7/10/85 VCRs; Middle East
7/17/85 Stockman; pop music obscenities; John McEnroe
7/24/85 MOVE on TV; Biddles; film critics
7/31/85 Race and responsibility; Fieldston reunion; Bob Sanders
8/7/85 Birth of Applause Magazine
8/14/85 Sourr greetings (greeting cards), draag racing, South Africa
8/21/85 Weeding time (responses to letters by Rebecca Segal, Harry Shubin); Noel Weyrich; Welcomat policy
9/25/85 Daily News demise
9/25/85 Newspaper strike special: News you might have missed
10/2/85 To those who got fooled (Welcomat’s newspaper strike parody issue follow-up)
10/9/85 Bernard Jacobson and Philadelphia Orchestra
10/167/85 Too much heaven (Inquirer-Daily News strike)
10/23/85 Why we need the Inquirer
12/11/85 Appointment in Angon (fiction; France)
12/26/85 Minneapolis


1/8/86 Neil Ferber case
1/22/86 Art of making water
3/26/86 Vincent Fumo’s house and garden
5/14/86 Rizzo-Welcomat libel trial
6/11/86 A child of the war
6/18/86 Lefcourt syndrome
7/23/86 Name “Rottenberg” (Meir of Rothenburg)
9/17/86 Daily News’s impending demise
10/1/86 Menahem Golan smells a deal
10/15/86 Birmingham’s law (re immigrant Jewish families)
11/5/86 Feminist fallacies
11/19/86 Fieldston Lake League football
12/17/86 Interview with God
12/23/86 Old girlfriends


1/21/87 Sale of New Yorker
3/4/87 Rabbi Ivan Caine and Reconstructionist College
5/13/87 Parody of Gary Hart
7/1/87 My 300th issue as editor
7/22/87 Richard Cohen
9/16/87 Bernard Cooke (con man)
9/23/87 Parody of Bork hearings
9/30/87 Bork as hired gun
10/14/87 DR as bimbo expert
10/21/87 Bambi Olden at P.S. 9 (New York)
11/4/87 Rosie Kirschbaum
12/30/87 Lee Beloff parody


1/13/88 Todd Sheckman, death of
2/24/88 Rupert Murdoch
4/13/88 Middle East “population transfer” theory
4/20/88 Farrakhan
5/11/88 Inquirer and “curse of bigness”
5/25/88 Jewish Exponent and Soviet Communism
6/8/88 End of Rizzo libel suit; Herb Lipson
6/22/88 Jane Amsterdam
6/29/88 “A voice on the phone” (Chicago, Wall Street Journal)
7/6/88 Inconceivable changes
7/13/88 Parody of Dan and famous writers
8/10/88 Hotel du Buet (France)
8/17/88 Changes in France
8/24/88 Quayle parody (me in Portland, Ind.)
9/7/88 William Woodward tragedy
9/14/88 Date rape
9/21/88 People who make a difference
10/5/88 Town & Country as egalitarian magazine
10/26/88 Inquirer editorials, signed by board
11/16/88 Parody of Inquirer obituaries
12/7/88 Who is a Jew?
12/14/88 Bonfire of the Vanities
12/21/88 Christmas in Portland, Ind.


1/18/89 George Martens (Fieldston School, N.Y.)
2/15/89 WXPN
2/22/89 Khomeini and Rushdie
3/1/89 George Bush in St. Louis
3/15/89 Philadelphia leaders
3/22/89 Innovators of the ’80s
3/29/89 Girls High scandals
4/5/89 Pavarotti at the Cathedral
4/26/89 Michael Milken
5/10/89 Unstrung Heroes (Concerto Soiloists)
5/24/89 Democracy’s decade
6/7/89 Orwell was wrong
6/14/89 Shirer on Germany
6/21/89 Milton Rothman, then and now (senior citizens parody)
6/28/89 Bruce Schimmel parody (as Hitler)(City Paper)
7/5/89 Brooklyn girl rescued from fire
7/19/89 1789 vs. 1776
8/2/89 Ciel dies (our parakeet)
8/23/89 Michigan Riviera
9/13/89 Philadelphian apartments parody (follow-up: 10/4/89)
10/27/89 Quakers and Steve Lopez
11/8/89 La Traviata revisited (parody)
11/15/89 Fall of Berlin wall
11/22/89 Buddy Ryan- Muti parody
12/13/89 My unique “memberships” (The Self-Esteem Sweepstakes)
12/20/89 Is Shakespeare overrated?
12/27/89 Evaluating the ’80s


1/10/90 Middle East predictions
1/17/90 Muti’s lecture to audience (parody)
1/24/90 ACT-UP confrontation
2/14/90 Annotated Steve Lopez
2/28/90 How to keep readers’ attention
3/7/90 Ron James
3/21/90 Margaret Everitt farewell (Opera Co. of Phila.)
3/28/90 Learning from movies
4/4/90 Muti’s announced departure
4/11/90 My speech to letter-writers (parody)
5/2/90 Babette Josephs
5/9/90 Richard Sprague and Greg Walter
6/13/90 Knight-Ridder and Daily News
6/20/90 Councilman David Cohen parody
6/27/90 Manhattan Inc. obit
7/11/90 Grandpa and Christy Mathewson
8/8/90 Hussein , Gene Roberts, David Boldt, Inquirer
8/15/90 Dictators/Guinther/Miss Saigon
8/22/90 “No Smoking/” rules/CBS/WCAU-AM
8/29/90 Bremerton parody
9/5/90 Chateau de La Manderie (France)
9/12/90 Welcomat’s 1,000th issue
9/19/90 Hong Kong and China
9/26/90 Age of grandparents
10/3/90 Sawallisch and World War II
10/10/90 Women sportswriters
10/17/90 Free speech and Dartmouth Review
10/24/90 Gene Roberts leaves Inquirer
10/31/90 Princeton University songs
11/7/90 Rupert Murdoch and Harold Evans/Miss Rosenthal at Fieldston
11/14/90 Meir Kahane
11/21/90 Inquirer/Babbitt/boosters/Bulletin Almanac closes
11/28/90 Ideal mayoral candidate/Au Bon Pain parody
12/5/90 Urban renaissance “diary”
12/12/90 Milton Street, Meir Kahane, Vanity Fair, Leonard Stern, free Daily News
12/19/90 I meet Reagan/King succeeds Roberts at Inquirer
12/26/90 Titanic survivor fantasy


1/2/91 Inquirer’s Norplant apology editorial; Jim Castle
2/6/91 Rating mayoral candidates
2/13/91 The Grifters
2/20/91 Sprague vs. Inquirer (re Camiel)
3/27/91 Orwell was wrong (Gulf War & technology)
4/24/91 Noel Weyrich-Dan Rottenberg feud
5/15/91 Welcomat management tactics vs. recession
5/29/91 Lillian Gording’s gag apology
6/5/91 What’s wrong with the Inquirer: salt vs. food
6/12/91 Darrell Sifford’s living hell
6/26/91 Bill Gray resignation from Congress
7/10/91 The Welcomat and me (20th anniversary issue)
7/17/91 Nine candidates for the death penalty
7/24/91 Frank Rizzo eulogy
8/14/91 Ron Javers fired at Philadelphia Magazine; David Boldt; Susan McAninley leaves
8/21/91 Rizzo and me
8/28/91 New tyranny in Russia
9/4/91 Germans and French; Eliot Kaplan; Michael Korn
9/11/91 Russian resentment; Trudy Rubin; etc.
9/18/91 Willie Williams; Mark Bowden; Vince Fumo
9/25/91 Saga of the Inquirer (semi-parody)
10/2/91 The ’50s; Inquirer (Max King)
10/9/91 West Bank settlements
10/16/91 Parody of Clarence Thomas hearings
10/23/91 “What went wrong?” (Barlett and Steele)
10/30/91 Closing of Commissary; Barlett & Steele; Rizzo cronies
11/6/91 Martha Schneiderman at Camp MacJannet
11/13/91 Health protection; Wofford; Susan Seiderman departure
11/20/91 McBurney-Fieldston basketball game; City Paper’s birthday
11/27/91 Riverboat gambling
12/4/91 Jewish Exponent censorship
12/11/91 Sheldon Hackney/ Pennsylvania Gazette parody
12/18/91 George Gerbner and TV hearings; rape; football quarterbacks
12/24/91 Part-time jobs; Richard Wagner; hate speech
12/31/91 Year of the Optimist; Braman/Buddy Ryan


1/8/92 The Simpsons; Morton Klein
1/15/92 Bush; Rendell; restaurant recession
1/22/92 Scott Tucker and “healthy sex life”; optimists vs. pessimists
1/29/92 The Bulletin; Dow Jones; gay dignity and sexual liberation
2/5/92 Muti: myth and reality; smokerss’ rights
2/19/92 Philadelphia Business Hall of Fame
2/26/92 Rendell and city workers; Time Inc.; Doonesbury; Muti 3/4/92 Pat Buchanan
3/11/92 La Marseillaise (new lyrics proposed in France); TV Guide
3/18/92 City Hall cleanup; Villanova basketball; columnists; John Street
3/25/92 Noise and light; Phila. unions; restaurants; Nixon’s return
4/8/92 Shadows and Fog (Woody Allen); business hall of fame, etc.,
4/15/92 Legendary Philadelphians
4/22/92 Clinton and Bush; Mark Mendel and Herb Lipson
4/29/92 Muti farewell; Eddie Savitz
5/6/92 Rodney King riot in LA; Inquirer on Pew Foundation
5/13/92 Arlen Specter; Morton Klein; massage parlor ads; Cianfrani
5/20/92 Things I’ll miss about the recession; gays and the media
5/27/92 Trudy Rubin; David Cohen & supermarket scanners; George Bush column
6/3/92 Ross Perot; Stephen Wade
6/10/92 My 50th birthday
6/17/92 Diane Allen vs. CBS; Daryl Gates; Nan Duskin; Zaberer’s
7/1/92 Clinton vs. Sister Souljah; Shamir (Israel); Carrie Rickey (Inquirer)
7/8/92 New Yorker/ Town & Country
7/15/92 Hackney vs. Whittle; gambling; Milosevic
7/22/92 Clinton/Bush/Perot; DeLeon/Rizzo; Clinton/Flowers; Slovakia
7/29/92 The trouble with newspapers (Knight-Ridder)
8/19/92 Quebec vacation; The Player
8/26/92 Woody Allen’s sex scandal
9/2/92 Steve Lopez; porno shops
9/9/92 Barbara’s “Best of Philly”; Inquirer re ACT-UP
9/16/92 Anita Hill
9/23/92 Indian summer Sunday in Fairmount Park
9/23/92 Unwed mothers; Wilson Goode’s memoirs
10/7/92 Columbus
10/14/92 Alan Halpern legacy, role of magazines
10/21/92 Rolf Larsen disciplined; Wilfred Santiago
10/28/92 Sympathy for George Bush; Specter; Erasmus High (Brooklyn)
11/4/92 Bryn Mawr Presbyterian
11/11/92 Election campaign reflections; Specter and Yeakel
11/18/92 Gays in military; Michael Cohen arrives
11/25/92 Larry Platt/City Paper/ Philadelphia Magazine
12/2/92 Murderer in Serbia; Philadelphia Magazine (Carol Saline); Linda Santoro
12/9/92 Bill Cosby; Marge Schott
12/9/92 (Books) Review of Ralph Keyes’ Nice Guys Finish Seventh
12/16/92 Phyllis Kaniss/TV news; Tony Ridder
12/23/92 Camp Takajo and Palestinians; Rolf Larsen
12/30/92 George Bush’s vision; Inquirer editorial


1/6/93 Grandpa Marc eulogy
2/10/93 Ethnic slurs (parody)
2/17/93 Porno ads
3/3/93 Liberal Economics/Delilah’s Den; Steve Fried/Philadelphia Magazine
3/17/93 Man of the Millennium (main list, 3/24/93)
4/14/93 Marian Anderson eulogy
4/28/93 Guide to Welcomat letter-writers
5/12/93 Villain of the Year
6/9/93 Lani Guinier; also Malcolm v. Masson
6/16/93 Rizzo book by Paolantonio
6/30/93 Pat Nixon eulogy
6/14/93 Why I’m leaving
6/28/93 Farewell column as editor
9/8/93 Inquirer writing style
11/3/93 Lani Guinier
12/29/93 Smitty (Alton Smith) at Fieldston (New York City)


1/19/94 Inside (Exponent) and Jews for Jesus
3/2/94 Black Muslims
3/30/94 Cigarettes
4/13/94 Rendell— Lisa DePaulo— Daily News
4/27/94 Eugene Roberts and New York Times
5/11/94 Nixon eulogy
6/8/94 Urban fantasies
6/22/94 Ellen Goodman/ Richard Cohen
7/6/94 Liquor by the drink
8/3/94 Rizzo statue
8/17/94 Victoria Hoffman drowning
8/31/94 News drops theater reviews
9/14/94 Albert Hobbs
9/28/94 Sam Rappaport eulogy
10/26/94 Inquirer on TV
11/23/94 Annenberg evaluated.