Publications Edited

Publications edited by Dan Rottenberg

I’ve worked for many publications during my career and have written articles for dozens more (see this website’s “Magazine articles” and “Newspaper articles” pages). Seven publications bear my imprint as editor-in-chief. Listed in reverse chronological order, with the dates of my tenure as editor, they are:

Broad Street Review (arts and culture website, Philadelphia, December 2005-December 2013, founding editor. (416 weekly issues as editor.)

Family Business magazine (international quarterly), Philadelphia, Autumn 2000-Winter 2004 (14 issues as editor).

Philadelphia Forum (weekly opinion paper), Philadelphia, February 1996-January 1998, founding editor (102 issues).

Seven Arts magazine (monthly arts and culture magazine), Philadelphia, October 1993-May 1994, founding editor (8 issues).

The Welcomat (weekly opinion paper), Philadelphia, October 1981-July 1993 (619 issues). (This paper was re-named Philadelphia Weekly in 1996.)

Chicago Journalism Review (monthly), Chicago, acting editor July 1971-January 1972 (7 issues).

Commercial-Review (daily newspaper), Portland, Ind., April 1966-June 1968 (642 issues).