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6/8/78 Postal Service perpetuates the past
8/27/78 A sober view of a real ‘Animal House’ (Penn fraternities; Phi Sigma Delta)
9/6/78 Upper Darby’s 69th St. shopping district (Chicago Loop)
9/26/78 Arnold Galiffa obit (Army football)
10/9/78 Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon (Robert Dole)
10/22/78 City Charter change proposal (Rizzo third-term attempt)
11/14/78 Rizzo is not the retiring type
11/27/78 Small is better (hotels scaling down)
12/5/78 Pinball parlors don’t cause crime


1/29/79 Penn put athletics in perspective (Columbia admissions)
2/5/79 Two views of Center City (my office at 19th & Spruce)
2/13/79 Franklin Thomas, Paul Rubincam, Bart Leach, Penn-Columbia basketball
3/1/79 What if you hope both lose?
3/23/79 The Ivy League is different (Penn basketball)
6/26/79 When the House of Drexel ruled (Drexel Building)
7/4/79 Three wealthy people (Ethel Pew, Lessing Rosenwald, Mildred Pitcairn)
7/10/79 Summer problems (gas lines, Rizzo, Tayoun, Jacob Riz)
7/17/79 Historic buildings (James Biddle, Andalusia, Rouse Co., Reading Terminal)
7/24/79 Real Polish jokes
7/31/79 Philadelphia restaurant revival (Gil Guben)
8/7/79 Demise of the Drummer (Jon Stern, Harry Jay Katz)
8/14/79 Condomania (Society Hill Towers, etc.)
8/21/79 Resignations: John Bunting, Martin Meyerson, Herbert Fogel
8/28/79 Philadelphia police brutality (Rizzo, O’Neill)
9/4/79 Bicycles in Center City
9/11/79 End of summer (Marin County, Saul Bellow’s Mr. Sammler)
9/18/79 Bank automated teller machines (MAC)
9/25/79 Republican presidential candidates (open letter to Bill Brock)
10/2/79 What is Rizzo’s philosophy?
10/9/79 Integration at Masterman and Greenfield schools
10/16/79 Away from it all in Radauti, Rumania (Ceausescu)
10/23/79 How much power has Pope John Paul II?
10/30/79 Center City porno shops and the free market
11/6/79 Dull mayoral campaign? (Rizzo, Bill Green, David Marston, Lucien Blackwell)
11/13/79 In praise of older women (Fonda, Andress, Collins, Angie Dickinson, Cyd Charisse)
11/20/79 Demise of Albert Greenfield empire (Bankers Securities, Gus Amsterdam)
11/27/79 Penn ends a bad tradition (football, Harry Gamble)
12/4/79 Defense of Philadelphia Magazine
12/11/79 Philadelphia’s tortoise vs. Chicago’s hare
12/18/79 KYW-TV news: A winner into a loser (Alan Bell, Vince Leonard, Mort Crim, Jessica Savitch)
12/25/79 Jewish Christmas (Fieldston, Portland, Ind.)


1/1/80 Death of Silkie (our cat); (Edward Marshall Boehm)
1/8/80 Legacy of Rizzo years (Harding, Jimmy Walker)
1/15/80 “The Brethren” (Phila. Common Pleas Court judges)
1/22/80 New year signs: Bijou Café, Trafalgar, Flaming Angus, Barry Leonard
1/29/80 Olympics, Playboy bunnies, Miss America, Bert Parks, women sportswriters
2/5/80 Pierre Peladeau, Philadelphia Journal
2/12/80 Abscam, Isadore Bellis, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Chicago, use of legal fees
2/19/80 Mayor Bill Green had to lighten the load (Rizzo, police)
2/26/80 United Way-Catholic-Quaker connection (Digby Baltzell, Cardinal Krol)
3/4/80 Purging effect of warfare (parody; Jimmy Carter)
3/11/80 Police brutality suit (Rizzo, Green, John Penrose)
3/18/80 Family Odyssey (Miklos Spitzer, Graber, Rottenberg family)
3/25/80 Philadelphia slogan
4/8/80 Inflation indexing is a con game
4/15/80 Indianapolis vs. Philadelphia (Uni-Gov)
4/22/80 Advertising on bus shelters (John Wanamaker)
4/29/80 Ming, God of small miracles (parody)
5/6/80 A job for Rizzo (Pagan Motorcycle Club, Charles Bronson, Chuck Barris)
5/13/80 Campaign issues (Carter, Reagan, Arlen Specter, Pete Flaherty)
5/20/80 City oil tax, SEPTA board, Philadelphia wage tax, suburbs
5/27/80 John Bunting resigns (First Pennsylvania Bank, Digby Baltzell, Rizzo, Philadelphia leaders, Chicago)
6/3/80 New buildings as anchors (SmithKline Building, Franklin Plaza Hotel, Ten Penn Center, Rittenhouse Hotel)
6/10/80 Philadelphia Bible College demolition
6/17/80 Big government, steel workers, Wall Street Journal
6/24/80 Philadelphia lawmakers (Fineman, Cianfrani, Fumo, Eilberg, Myers, George Schwartz, Harry Janotti)
7/1/80 Pews and Hunts: styles vary
7/8/80 SEPTA’s setup is wrong (Grapes of Wrath)
7/15/80 Renters vs. condominiums (parody)
7/22/80 Thornburgh’s Iron Curtain (Radauti, Rumania; Laurence Salzmann photos. Commissary)
7/29/80 Philadelphia lawyers and Isadore Bellis (Andrew Hamilton, Zenger case, Sheldon Albert)
8/5/80 South Jersey independence movement
8/12/80 Courtesy and rude clerks (Free Library, Postal Service)
8/19/80 Ronald Reagan’s age should be an issue
8/26/80 Alan Halpern quits Philadelphia magazine (Herbert Lipson)
9/2/80 Misguided nostalgia (Fiddler on the Roof, Annie)
9/9/80 Nixon and madman theory of politics (Daniel Ellsberg, Rizzo, Ozzie Myers, Buddy Cianfrani, Thacher Longstreth, Elkins Wertherill, Bill Green)
9/16/80 Abbie Hoffman surrenders (Chicago Conspiracy Seven trial)
9/23/80 Philadelphia public schools; vouchers
9/30/80 Penn and hiring of Sheldon Hackney (Vartan Gregorian)
10/7/80 Singles and salad bars (Saladalley, Commissary, Eden)
10/14/80 Fall of George X. Schwartz (Rizzo, Green, Bunting)
10/21/80 London (Baltzell, Greater London Council)
10/28/80 Phillies’ World Series victory
11/4/80 Riepl’s touchdown run (Penn-Notre Dame game, Hornung)
11/11/80 Philadelphia property tax audit (Morris Katz)
11/18/80 Confession for Nixon (Agnew, Cianfrani, Gerald Ford)
11/25/80 Philadelphia public schools magnet programs (Parkway program)
12/2/80 Philadelphia’s amiable tradition (Baltzell, Angelo Bruno)
12/9/80 Is the Academy of music in peril? (Margaret Everitt, Opera Company, Riccardo Muti)
12/16/80 Landlord’s letter to apartment tenants (parody)
12/23/80 Memoir of Southwood Drugs, Woodbury, N.J. (Grolnicks)
12/30/80 News of the future (parody; Free Library, wolfpacks, Rizzo)


1/13/81 The right discovers humor (Emmett Tyrell, William F. Buckley, Daniel Seligman)
1/20/81 Princeton is the problem (Longstreth, Woodrow Wilson, Aaron Burr)
1/27/81 Street noise, portable radios, cross-conversations
2/3/81 Eagles lose Super Bowl (Chuck Bednarik)
2/10/81 Dangerous nostalgia (Biograph Theatre, Chicago, baseball cards, Carl Goldberg)
2/17/81 Retirees as volunteers (Grandpa marc, RSVP program)
2/24/81 Politics in Philadelphia schools (parody)
3/3/81 City taxes and small business (free-lancing)
3/10/81 Killing as self-expression (Jean Harris murder of Herman Tarnower, etc.)
3/17/81 Holding oil companies hostage (Jim Tayoun, condo conversion moratorium, etc.)
3/24/81 New team owners’ self-delusion (Carpenter family, Phillies sale, Chuck Barris, “Gong Show”)
3/31/81 Eulogy for Mom (Lenore Rottenberg)
6/17/81 Guardian Angels in subways
6/30/81 Villanova football can live
7/21/81 Rizzo vs. Rocky (Sylvester Stallone)
8/13/81 Tutoring heirs (Craig Sweeten, Thomas S. Gates, Penn, Owen Biddle, George Wharton Pepper, George W. Biddle, Katharine Drexel)
9/4/81 Suburbanites in city theaters (parody)
9/15/81 School vouchers for Philadelphia
9/29/81 Can Philadelphia do without schools?
10/20/81 T. Truxtun Hare (football, Penn, Veterans Stadium, Ivan Caine)
11/3/81 When bureaucracy bends (my marriage license, etc.)
11/13/81 Biddle family 300th anniversary in America
11/30/81 Blue-Collar Jobs Count (Portland, Ind., Chicago, Rizzo, Green)
12/28/81 Labor strikes: Poland vs. America (SEPTA)


1/13/82 “The Family” statue (Sun Co., Timothy Duffield, Gratz High violence)
2/1/82 Do Catholic schools offer more? (Ethical Culture Schools)
2/16/82 Reduced arts funding (PVLA, BVA, Community Accountants)
3/1/82 Funding for Free Library of Philadelphia (Keith Doms)
3/22/82 Choice between civil defense and food (DVRPC, starvation in South Philadelphia)
4/5/82 You can’t cheat an honest city (Philadelphia wage tax, Cianfrani, Fineman, Schwartz)
4/16/82 Police hiring, Philadelphia City Charter
5/3/82 Crises come and go (inflation, oil, the dollar)
5/12/82 Dear Ann Landers (recycled columns)
6/9/882 Mandatory sentence by computer (Philadelphia National Bank)
6/19/82 Center City sidewalk vendors
7/5/82 Non-ethnic contentions (men vs. women, Keynesians vs. supply-siders, Eakins fans vs. Rocky fans, urban vs. suburban, shopkeepers vs. sidewalk vendors, teachers vs. parents and taxpayers, smokers vs. non-smokers, pro-choice vs. pro-life, etc.)
7/17/82 Myles Tanenbaum (USFL, Kravco, Philadelphia Stars, Jerry Reinsdorf)
7/31/82 Civil service leaves much to be desired (Mayor Green)
8/18/04 Rural ennui (Carbondale churches, Portland, Ind.)
9/2/82 Girls High and Central (sex discrimination suit)
9/9/82 September allergies
9/18/82 Choosing school superintendent (parody)
10/14/82 Ballparks for Eagles and Phillies (football strike, Leonard Tose, Myles Tanenbaum)
10/30/82 Phillies, Eagles, Vet Stadium (Leonard Tose, James Tayoun, condo conversions)
11/27/82 Penn-Harvard football metaphysics (NFL strike)
12/4/82 Frank Binswanger, the modern Golem
12/25/82 How important mayoral elections? (Wilson Goode, Rizzo)
12/26/82 Reviews of The Wall Street Journal and Inside the Wall Street Journal


1/8/83 Ethnic pressure politics (DeLores Tucker, Milton Shapp, Miguel Rivera case, Edward Rendell)
1/29/83 Where have all the commuters gone? (SEPTA, Center City)
2/5/83 Eulogy for Muller DeVan, dentist
2/19/83 Center City Commuter Tunnel
3/1/83 City mayoral campaign and “jobs” issue (Wilson Goode, Rizzo)
3/19/83 New Philadelphia leadership style (Bill Green, Jim Karayn, Baltzell, Stockton Strawbridge)
3/26/83 More newsletters needed (Helen Oakes, Philadelphia School Board)
4/16/83 Marian Anderson affair and DAR
5/4/83 Racial stereotypes (Wilson Goode, Frank Rizzo
5/18/83 Justice Rolf Larsen case: When is a judge not a judge?
5/27/83 Primaries: Money wasn’t the winner (John Connally, Lewis Lehrman, Frank Rizzo, Wilson Goode, Sanford Weiner, Bill Batoff, Howard Gittis)
6/25/83 Merit pay for teachers (and others)
7/5/83 Villains can promote a cause (James Watt, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Chicago, Bernard Epton)
7/28/83 TV Channel 48 (Field Enterprises, Ted Field)
8/3/83 To integrate schools, improve them (Philadelphia)
8/27/83 Shrinking lawyer population in Philadelphia
9/3/83 Politicians: Promises vs. character (Johnson, Goldwater, Nixon, McGovern, Carter, etc.)
9/24/83 Parking ticket (Philadelphia)
10/1/83 Smoking in hospitals (Graduate, Pennsylvania, Jefferson, Hahnemann, HUP)
10/29/83 Human relations (School District busing, Central High, Constance Clayton)
11/1/83 Philadelphia use and occupancy tax
11/26/83 Drama of war (Gandhi, writing)
12/3/83 Neighbors and burglars (Center City, Town Watch)
12/24/83 Bill Green is not a people politician


1/1/84 Philadelphia alone can’t draw high-tech (but region can) (Marc Paller, Tom Leonard)
1/27/84 Just playing along (Wilson Goode, Super Bowl, Playboy Club)
2/4/84 When contract isn’t a contract (Chicago Sun-Times, Rupert Murdoch, Mike Royko, Steve Levy, media, non-compete)
2/16/84 N.J. private beaches (Bay Head, Spring Lake, Deal, etc.) 2/28/84 Dogs in Philadelphia
3/6/84 Earnings cap is a good idea (Frank Rizzo, George Fencl, Joseph Vignola)
3/24/84 Philadelphia’s new leadership (transfer of power)
4/7/84 Richard Kanegis case: “Quaker witness” to injustice (MOVE, Alfred J. DiBona)
4/13/84 Center City skyscrapers( Willard Rouse, Liberty Place)
5/5/84 Topping William Penn (skyscrapers, Willard Rouse, Edmund Bacon)
5/29/84 When government dictates to press (SEC, Wall Street Journal, R. Foster Winans)
6/15/84 Rouse vs. Rubin (skyscraper competition, Edmund Bacon)
6/22/84 Free Library lacks freedom (City Charter, John Street)
7/28/84 Lessons of Talloires (France, MacJannet)
8/11/84 Delusions of Atlantic City
9/1/84 Penn and big-time football (Harold Stassen, George Munger)
9/11/84 Penn’s new president (Vartan Gregorian, Sheldon Hackney)
9/24/84 Public school alumni: Untapped assets (Joseph Pollock)
10/13/84 Is a long-term mayor better (Baltimore, Donald Schaefer, Richard J. Daley)
10/16/84 Take the lid off Election Day polls
11/10/84 Voluntary courts (Judicate)
12/4/84 Pennsylvania libel suits (Inquirer, Welcomat)
12/10/84 A beating on the subway (Julie)
12/15/84 Tax reform begins with the next guy (Reagan)
12/30/84 Just say no to pro sports stadiums (Cosell)


1/12/85 Subway vigilantes (Bernard Goetz)
1/29/85 Takeover bids (Strawbridge & Clothier, CBS, Saul Steinberg)
2/19/85 Philanthropic entrepreneurs (Edwin Whitehead, William Benton, Herman Rottenberg)
3/10/85 Old isn’t the same s senile (Vladimir Zworykin, TV)
3/19/85 Northeast Philadelphia secession movement
4/2/85 City Council districts (Home Rule Charter)
4/15/85 Renamed sites (Louis Kahn Park, Drexel Burnham
Lambert, Kelly Drive, Rittenhouse, Hahnemann, Gratz
4/30/85 Edward McGinley Jr. eulogy (Catholic executive, Emerson, Penn football)
5/13/85 Did hostage tax help chase Arco? (James Tayoun)
5/21/85 Bodine High School for International Affairs (magnet schools, Girls High)
6/21/85 How “haves” can help city (SEPTA station leases, Free Library, adopt-a-school)
6/27/85 Northeast capturing “gold-collar” workers
7/11/85 Judicial Board scratches the surface (Judge Bernard Snyder case)
8/3/85 Academy of Music can use help (Orchestra Hall, Muti, Opera Company, Pennsylvania Ballet)
8/16/85 What do parents owe kids? (Penn, Willis Stetson)
8/23/85 Casinos generate only gambling (Atlantic City, Mayor James Usry, Cora Boggs)
10/24/85 When police ask for help (Town Watch, Judith Eden, Captain William Brennan)
10/30/85 Wilson Goode’s tarnished image as administrator (MOVE)
11/14/85 Commission hearings (parody, MOVE)
12/3/85 A responsive police officer (Barbara’s auto accident)
12/24/85 Union League is diminishing itself (admission of women, Baltzell, Joan Specter)
12/30/85 Philadelphia hotels’ Darwinian struggle


1/12/86 Matching talent vs. loyalty (Frank Rizzo, Jerry Berndt, George Munger, Ron Castille, Napoleon)
2/4/86 New Jersey lieutenant governor post (Gov. Thomas Kean, Milton Shapp, Richard Thornburgh)
2/21/86 If one Common Pleas judge said ‘no’ (truth vs. power, Shcharansky, Corazon Aquino, Lech Walesa, Jan Kemp)
3/13/86 The money is in security (bankers, insurers, real estate)
4/1/86 Kurt Waldheim’s past (Rohm & Haas, Yale U. and Jews, Penn football)
4/12/86 Free mass transit (SEPTA)
4/30/86 Charles Woodward, Chestnut Hill’s feudal lord
5/9/86 Takeover bid for Strawbridge & Clothier (Ronald Baron)
5/29/86 Town watch (police, William Brennan, hustlers)
6/6/86 Vartan Gregorian’s style (Penn, Sheldon Hackney, New York Public Library, Brooke Astor)
6/13/86 Politicians aren’t powerless (Bernard Goodheart, Frank Rizzo, Bill Green)
7/10/86 Civil service (Philadelphia, Committee of Seventy)
7/22/86 Department stores (Wanamaker, Strawbridge & Clothier)

8/16/86 School vouchers and black education
8/25/86 Parking at Philadelphia International Airport (my incident)
9/26/86 University of Pennsylvania birthday
10/3/86 Uneven prosecutions (Neil Ferber, Wilfred Santiago, John Goodson)
10/22/86 Penn football upset vs.Navy (Baltzell, Hartford City)
11/1/86 Buddy Ryan, sore winner (Philadelphia Eagles, Cornell, John Bajusz)
11/14/86 ‘I don’t need the money’ defense (Leland Beloff, Lester Crown, Hunt brothers, Frederic Ingram, Richard Whitney)
11/25/86 Liberals’ dilemma over Wilson Goode (Bill Green)
12/15/86 Philadelphia Orchestra needs new concert hall

12/29/86 Roofers Union’s bizarre style of bargaining (Stephen Traitz Jr.)


1/15/87 The judges who didn’t take money (Common Pleas Court, Esther Sylvester, Stephen Traitz, Lynne Abraham, Bill Green
1/31/87 Rizzo’s memory and 1983 mayoral primary (Wilson Goode, Frank Lomento)
2/14/87 Rendell pledge to black ministers (Wilson Goode, Charles Bowser, Steve Lopez)
3/3/87 Center City: Philadelphia’s Golden Goose (Tayoun, office crisis)
3/17/87 Freddy Mann (Philadelphia Orchestra, Mann Center, Stuart Louchheim, Albert Greenfield)
4/4/87 New directions for black business (Koreans)
4/15/87 Corporate takeovers can be positive too (Wall Street)
4/28/87 Bad rap on Penn football (David Goldberg)
5/29/87 Big crusades that fizzled (porno houses, Arlen Specter, condomania, movie colorization)
6/5/87 What citizens can do (Dad and Mark Goell, Goode, Rizzo, Edward Schwartz)
7/4/87 Critical view of Constance Clayton (Wilson Goode, Marvin Schuman, Daniel McGinley)
7/11/87 Leland Beloff’s sleaze defense
7/25/87 Constitution’s real business (protests)
8/20/87 Judges should be judged (Edward Bradley, Harry Takiff, Bernard Goodheart, Roofers Union)
8/29/87 Cigna’s threatened move from Center City to suburbs (William H. Whyte)
9/12/87 Bring back Delaware River ferry boats (Tony Biddle)
10/4/87 Smoking in hospitals (Graduate, Jefferson)
10/10/87 Esther Sylvester case: Perils of niceness
(Roofers, Stephen Traitz Jr., Lynne Abraham)
10/30/87 Eagles strike/Veterans Stadium (Norman Braman, Thomas Cronin, Wilson Goode)
11/14/87 Don’t count Frank Rizzo out yet
12/1/87 Convention Center: What $455 million buys
12/12/87 Competition is good for trash work (Wilson Goode)
12/28/87 Ideas to improve the City Charter


1/18/88 Is Constance Clayton indispensable to Philadelphia? (School District)
1/28/88 High Noon parody (Goode, Rizzo, Tayoun, Longstreth, Green
2/15/88 A new era at the free Library? (Private funding, Keith Doms, Elliot Shelkrot)
2/27/88 Bureaucracies protect their turf (Postal Service, Philadelphia Parking Authority, Philadelphia court system, Judicate)
3/11/88 Sprucing up City Hall (Hyman Meyers)
3/30/88 College fraternities (alcohol, rape, Penn)
4/15/88 Convention Center/Playboy Club (Willard Rouse, Gilbert Wetzel, Edmund Bacon)
4/28/88 Vendor war: Who owns city sidewalks? (Center City, Ron Javers)
5/17/88 Best defense is coincidence (urban life, Center City restaurant renaissance, sanitation workers, School District, Bill Green)
5/27/88 Center City District proposal (Sam Peltzman, unintended consequences, Peter Wiley)
6/9/88 Bill Marrazzo: Odyssey of an idealist (Philadelphia Water Department)
6/29/88 Public school alumni (Joseph Pollock, Marciene Mattleman)
7/17/88 Criminal Justice Center (Seymour Kurland)
7/26/88 Gays miss threat to privacy (Philadelphia City Council, Francis Rafferty, Wilson Goode)
8/24/88 Pennsylvania Judicial Review Board (Roofers Union, Esther Sylvester, Stephen Traitz)
9/4/88 Willard Rouse and Pennsylvania Convention Center
9/14/88 After cars, Philadelphia will rise (Edmund Bacon, Leonard Fruchter)
10/4/88 No to the Convention Center (David Boldt)
10/14/88 Orchestra Hall dispute (Philadelphia Orchestra, John Street)
10/27/88 Pine Street Town Watch (Center City, William Brennan)
11/16/88 Betting on Philadelphia (Center City)
11/28/88 Paying the city’s bills (homeless, AIDS, Max Weiner)
12/14/88 Price of big-time football (Temple, Penn, Villanova, Peter Liacouras)
12/23/88 Givers vs. takers mindset (homeless, Minneapolis, Richard Mandel)


1/23/89 Bias in banking industry (Philadelphia banks, WASP establishment, Albert Greenfield, Roy Peraino)
1/31/89 Helen Oakes: The power of her press (Oakes Newsletter)
2/10/89 Big Five basketball (Palestra, Villanova betrayal)
2/25/89 PIDC developing Philadelphia (Joseph Egan Jr.)
3/14/89 Judges judging judges (Joseph Braig, Esther Sylvester, Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Juanita Kidd Stout)
4/13/89 Doctors, heed patients (TV in waiting rooms)
4/27/89 Philadelphia and Pennsylvania need each other (courts, SEPTA)
5/2/89 Jack Dorrance eulogy (Campbell Soup, family business, Strawbridge family)
5/19/89 Urban police and crime fight (Frank Rizzo, Robert Fogelson, town watch)
6/3/89 Philadelphia tax reformers (City Charter, Ed Schwartz)
6/11/89 Book review: The Vanderbilt Era, by Louis Auchincloss
6/24/89 Some decisions can’t be decided by courts (Ortho-Gynol jelly, Chevron, home buyers in racist neighborhoods)
7/7/89 Those no-good yuppie gentrifiers (parody)
7/14/89 Public myths (Judges, Wilson Goode, Richard Nixon, CIA, Richard Thornburgh)
7/31/89 If 76ers leave, the real loser is Spectacor (Camden, Harold Katz)
8/10/89 Gentrification
9/12/89 Developers and restaurants (Philadelphia, Center City, Steve Poses, Larry and Mark Levy)
9/24/89 Book review: Creating America, by Jan Cohn (Saturday Evening Post, George Horace Lorimer)
9/25/89 Bill Green bids goodbye
10/9/89 Goode was right to save the Eagles (Veterans Stadium, Leonard Tose)
11/5/89 Is Philadelphia really hopeless?
11/14/89 Albert Barnes’s legacy (Stephen Girard, Marshall Field, Lincoln University)
11/22/89 Policing Judge I. Raymond Kremer (Gregory Harvey)
12/1/89 Riccardo Muti vs. Buddy Ryan (parody)
12/12/89 Marriott Corp. and Convention Center hotel (unions, neutrality agreement


1/2/90 Reluctant Pollyanna praises Philadelphia (pessimists)
1/20/90 If democracy doesn’t work, what’s next? (Francis Fukuyama, “End of History,” voluntary civic associations, Chestnut Hill)
1/23/90 Cable TV’s hard sell (Greater Media Cable)
2/5/90 Philadelphia auto insurance crisis (parody)
2/19/90 Philadelphia mayoral candidates (Peter Hearn, Sam Katz, Charles Bowser, Joseph Vignola, Ed Schwartz)
3/4/90 Drexel name takes a beating (Drexel Burnham Lambert, Michael Milken, Francis M. Drexel, Anthony Drexel, I.W. Burnham)
4/2/90 Philadelphia mayor’s mansion (Wilson Goode, Jane Byrne, Chicago)
4/13/04 Benefits of a new Orchestra hall (Philadelphia Orchestra, Academy of Music)
4/15/90 Book review: The House of Morgan, by Ron Chernow
5/6/90 Dick Thornburgh’s image shrinks
6/3/90 Trouble with school voucher plans: parents decide
6/17/90 If city treated taxpayers as customers (panhandlers, street people, SEPTA)
7/15/90 SEPTA Metro proposal (London, Paris, Pennsylvania Turnpike)
7/21/90 Summer weekend in the city (Philadelphia without Philadelphians, Laurel Hill Mansion, Concerts By Candlelight, Andrew Willis)
8/16/90 Iraq did Philadelphia a favor (oil, SEPTA)
8/25/90 Misdirected protests (Sam Evans, tenants’ rights, Korean grocers, AIDS activists
8/31/90 Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia (Getty Museum)
9/8/90 Where is Gov. Casey in Philadelphia’s hour of need?
10/4/90 Republican blame for Philadelphia troubles (Frank Rizzo, Ronald Reagan, Wilson Goode, Gov. Casey, Austin Meehan, Billy Meehan)
10/25/90 Philadelphia’s new luxury hotels (Four Seasons, Rittenhouse, Bellevue, Ritz-Carlton, Hal Rosenbluth)
11/15/90 Philadelphia GOP takes second best (Billy Meehan)
11/23/90 Regionalism can hurt both city and suburb (Greater London Council, Toronto)
12/5/90 AAA speaks for itself on mass transit
12/19/90 Herman Mattleman made a big difference (School District of Philadelphia, Michael Marcase, Constance Clayton, Sam Katz)


1/4/91 Regionalism works (Minnesota, Craig Lewis, SEPTA)
1/16/91 Herb Fogel: His own worst enemy (Hugh Scott, Gateway building)
2/1/91 Roger Tauss (SEPTA, Richard Mandel, Zach Stalberg)
2/15/91 Temple U. identity crisis (Penn, Ivy League, Lee Stetson)
3/2/91 Fund-raiser Bill Batoff: Uneven success record (Rizzo, Howard Gittis)
3/21/91 Did Annenberg stiff Philadelphia (Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art)
4/2/91 Real estate risk-takers (Willard Rouse, Ronald Rubin, Jack Wolgin)
5/6/91 Ed Rendell as mayoral candidate (Henny Youngman)
5/22/91 Whistleblowers win vindication (Marvin Roffman, Donald Trump, Margot O’Toole, Robert Surrick, Rolf Larsen)
5/31/91 What we can learn from London (Greater London Council, Tony Biddle)
6/14/91 Villanova has killed the Big Five (Ann Reno)
7/5/91 Reason for optimism in Philadelphia (Center City Special Services District, PICA, Convention Center, 30th Street Station renovation, Sixers, Flyers, Borders Bookstore, Wanamaker, airport, Lynne Abraham)
7/24/91 Back to the basics in the mayoral race (Rendell, Rizzo, Katz, William H. Gray)
7/31/91 Philadelphia’s vanishing history (Drexel building)
8/30/91 Indiana’s not back home again (Portland)
9/6/91 Wolf Block Schorr sex discrimination suit (Nancy Ezold, Seymour Kurland)
9/22/91 Do corporations need big cities? (David Heenan, New Corporate Frontier, Princeton, William Whyte)
10/8/91 Philadelphia’s anti-leadership disease (Joe Egan, Peter Hearn, Digby Baltzell, Herman Mattleman, Arlen Specter)
10/19/91 Homeless: Can you spare a coupon? (Craig Snyder, Nancy Gold)
11/16/91 Advantages of city residence and red hair (Center City, Thacher Longstreth)
11/28/91 City’s trash wars (Patrick Starr, Operation SWEEP)
12/9/91 Wilson Goode in retrospect (D. Herbert Lipson)
12/23/91 All Philadelphians, by choice (open letter to Ed Rendell, New Yorkers in Philadelphia, P.S. 9)


1/1/92 Frank Binswanger Sr. eulogy
1/17/92 Korean merchants’ culture gap (Susie, Yang Soon Chang)
2/7/92 Lisa Richette does it her way (courts)
2/21/92 Convention Center and open space
2/28/92 Villanova basketball: Curse of the Big Five (Rolly Massimino)
3/26/92 Teaching outsiders “the Philadelphia way” (gentrification, Fumo, Korean grocers, Muti, Convention Center, Penn admissions)
4/4/92 Philadelphia Weekend Film Festival (Lawrence Kasdan, Lonnie Levin, Pam Schreiber)
4/29/72 Edward Savitz: Danger to society
5/6/92 Pressuring big institutions (Fidelity Bank, FAIR, TV networks, Penn)
5/15/92 Molefi Asante’s Afrocentric road map
6/11/92 Philadelphia police and LA’s Daryl Gates (Rizzo)
6/17/92 Edison Project: Competition for schools
7/3/92 Sweeping miracle of Philadelphia, compared to Washington (Center City District)
7/16/92 City and unions singing old refrain (Rendell, Fumo, Tauss)
7/30/92 Mega-mall vs. tract houses (Bala Golf Club, Wynnefield, Rouse)
9/1/92 On the waterfront: an urban boom (Delaware Avenue, restaurant renaissance)
9/20/92 Specter camp vs. Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church (Lynn Yeakel, Morton Klein, David Watermulder)
10/10/92 New mayors as heroes (Rendell, Goode, Green, Rizzo, Tate)
11/10/92 The Feds have an edifice complex (Gateway Building, GSA, Federal Center)
11/19/92 Catholic schools should seek non-Catholic students
11/26/92 Herb Hesch syndrome (Philadelphia culture)
12/23/92 Rolf Larsen’s accusations reveal a lot


1/11/93 Self-taxing districts make it too easy for cities (Center City District)
1/29/93 Urban neighborhoods are fighting back (Center City, Lynne Abraham)
2/6/93 Center City Commuter Tunnel and its critics (Barbara Kaplan)
2/15/93 Nancy Ezold vs. Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen (Robert Segal)
3/19/93 Merit selection of judges (Pennsylvania)
3/26/93 School vouchers would work— at $4,000, not $1,000
4/1/93 Governor Bob Casey and Pennsylvania court reform (open letter)
4/8/93 Free Library might do better on its own
4/13/93 New companies replace old ones (Sears, Whitman’s Chocolates, Mrs. Paul’s, Campbell Soup, Frank’s)
4/30/93 Middle ground in abortion controversy (Bob Casey, Babette Josephs, Craig Snyder)
5/11/93 Blame city’s decay on Sam Rappaport? (parody)
5/20/93 Penn racial disputes (Sheldon Hackney, Gregory Pavlik, water buffalo incident, Eden Jacobowitz)
6/5/93 Vince Fumo and Pennsylvania gambling (parody)
6/24/93 Modern vigilantes (Jack Slade, Center City hustlers, Lynne Abraham, town watch, Goodfellas, Center City District)
7/24/93 Wall Street Journal’s insidious portrait of Sheldon Hackney (Penn, Robert Bartley, “water buffalo” incident)
8/5/93 Philadelphia’s airport vs. Baltimore and Newark
8/25/93 Hospitals aren’t quiet zones any more (noise)
10/11/93 Music behind the words (Bill Gray,John Street, Ed Rendell, Norman Braman, Morton Klein, Buddy Cianfrani, Vincent Fumo)
10/30/93 Philadelphia goodwill delegation to Barnes exhibit in Paris (Ed Rendell, Vail Garvin)
11/19/93 Philadelphia Stock Exchange dilemma: Fight ‘em or join ‘em (Elkins Wetherill)
12/17/93 American Civilization major at Penn: Victim of its own success (Richard Beeman, Murray Murphy)


2/10/94 Philadelphia’s fickle finger of fame (Ed Rendell, Paul Levy, “man of the decade”)
3/3/94 Philadelphia vulnerability to winter’s devastation
3/19/94 A real tough candidate for governor (parody)
5/9/94 Last tenant at 19th and Spruce St. (Michael Asbell, Michael Corenzwit, Jerry Pantelidis)
6/2/94 Free speech for prisoners (Mumia Abu-Jamal, rights of the audience)
6/26/94 Lisa Richette and Rolf Larsen: How they dealt with depression
8/12/94 George Munger eulogy (Penn football)
8/23/94 Philadelphia women executives (Judith Rodin, Rebecca Rimel, Rosemarie Greco, Lynne Abraham, Jane Eisner, Anne d’Harnoncourt, Jews, blacks)
10/15/94 Gay and lesbian couples can strengthen the family (gay marriage)
11/22/94 Running for office, like coaching football (Rick Santorum, Harris Wofford)


1/10/95 Does suburbia breed anxiety? (Philip Langdon)
1/22/95 Did success spoil public TV? (Lewis Lapham, Walter Goodman, PBS, Portland Cinema Society)
3/11/95 Legacy of Billy Meehan: second best (Philadelphia Republicans)
4/21/95 Philadelphia International Airport vs. Denver’s
5/15/95 Wielding the hatchet at Scott Paper (Albert Dunlap)
5/21/95 Governor Tom Ridge, meet David Hornbeck (schools, vouchers)
6/7/95 New Era Foundation (John G. Bennett, Robert Montgomery Scott)
7/24/95 Frank Dolson retirement tribute
8/16/95 Pen & Pencil Club (Wilson Goode, Bill Green, Chuck Stone)
8/25/95 Lynne Abraham and death penalty (Mumia Abu-Jamal)
10/14/95 Thacher Longstreth’s toughest fight
10/28/95 If we can privatize janitors, why not police?
12/1/95 Can Philadelphia survive riverboat casinos?


2/16/96 Pennsylvania Gazette replaces editor Anthony Lyle (Judith Rodin, Penn, Jeremiah Ford, George Munger)
4/10/96 As old Philadelphia firms fold, new ones arise (USHealthcare, Strawbridge & Clothier, Jones Apparel group, Advanta, Comcast, Sidney Kimmel, Leonard Abramson)
8/30/96 Philadelphia Orchestra: Marketing music to survive (Joseph Kluger, Ormandy, Art Museum, Barnes, Opera Company)
11/1/96 Dardanelles restaurant and obnoxious customers)


4/18/98 Buzz Bissinger’s Prayer For the City (Bill Green, Rendell)


4/30/03 Eulogy for Thacher Longtreth