Philadelphia Forum, 1996-98

Index to my columns and articles in Philadelphia Forum, 1996-98

Unless otherwise noted, all entries refer to my “Notebook” column.


2/8/96 The making of a work-in-progress
2/15/96 Unconventional wisdom
2/22/96 Right man at the right time (George Washington)
2/29/96 Where we stand (Parody: Forum’s 19-point program)
3/7/96 A traitor to his class (Robert Montgomery Scott)
3/14/96 The Inquirer’s next life (Roberts, Lovelady, Hall)
3/21/96 Perpetually threatened China
3/28/96 Kimberly Ernest: Victim or pawn (Center City jogger)
4/4/96 A way out for public schools (Hornbeck, vouchers)
4/11/96 When good friends die (Claudio Elia, Strawbridge, Lopez, Eliot Kaplan, animal rights)
4/18/96 Great moments in journalism (Tim Whitaker)
4/25/96 What’s in a name? (Forum name, City Paper sale, Schimmel, David Boldt, pictorial age, John Lukacs)
5/2/96 Return of Wilson Goode (MOVE, PLO and force)
5/9/96 Philadelphia Orchestra’s Jewish problem (Sawallisch, Opera Company’s Aida, Chris Satullo, Inquirer, Golem, Marge Schott)
5/16/96 John Street’s candor (Seven Arts magazine, WHYY, Wilson Goode, hotels)
5/23/96 Two politicians (Bob Dole/Ed Rendell; supermarkets, Ritz Five, Ralph Keyes)
5/23/96 “The death of fashion” (feature on Age of Informality)/Doc Ulitsky
5/30/96 Campaign finance reform
6/6/96 Ethically challenged editors (Philadelphia Weekly, Seven Arts, Inquirer, J.P. Morgan)
6/13/96 Gourmet shoppers’ delight (Center City food stores, Cezanne on Lake Annecy)
6/27/96 Black humor, white rage (John Street)
7/4/96 Four tips for European travel (Lake Annecy, Philadelphia Airport, Villa des Fleurs)
7/11/04 Unfinished business (Claude Gross, Steve Tesich, my bee sting)
7/18/04 Can this marriage be saved? (Defense of Marriage Act)
7/25/96 Bob Dole, James Cooper, Sometimes I wonder
8/1/96 The Forum’s first six months; Bangladesh national anthem
8/8/11 Doctor for all seasons (I. Edward Rubin retires)
8/15/96 Inquirer’s “poppycock patrol”; (Digby Baltzell, Striped bass, Alison Barshak, Pamela Anderson Lee sex video)
8/22/96 Philadelphia Weekly Jimmy Foxx hoax; Michael Cohen; Tim Whitaker, Stu Bykofsky
8/29/96 What to do about WFLN (Woody Tanger)
9/5/96 What goes around (Democratic convention, Bob Dole, NBC and China, David Boldt, Inquirer)
9/12/96 Free advice (letter writers, Iraqi national anthem)
9/19/96 Feeding stomach and soul (Center City restaurants)
9/26/96 Philadelphia Orchestra disharmony (Kluger, Frankfort, Center City hotel project, Hal Wheeler)
10/3/96 Barlett-Steele: “Who Stole Their Brains?” (Inquirer)
10/10/96 One day with Arthur Makadon (parody of Inquirer; Orchestra strike)
10/17/96 Irv Homer; WWDB; Digby Baltzell’s religion; Opera Company’s Lucia; Ivy League football; Chris Satullo; Barlett and Steele, Steve Lopez, Inquirer
10/24/96 “The Towers People” (PBS parody/Ken Burns/Society Hill Towers)
10/31/96 Dole vs. Clinton; Murray Kempton; Jim Knipfel; Frank Rizzo younger; Gandhi and Palestinians; Inquirer
11/7/96 Gang of Seven (Charles Andes, Louis Gambaccini, David Hornbeck, Luciano Pavarotti, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Robert Montgomery Scott, Richard Smoot)
11/14/96 Who is the Orchestra? (Philadelphia Orchestra strike; Curtis Carlson; David Brinkley, Bill Clinton, ex-presidents, Operation Sweep)
11/21/96 Power of passion (death of Kathy Chang)
11/28/96 Philadelphia Orchestra strike; David L. Cohen; The English Patient
12/5/96 Boycott the Forum? (Mary Anne Layden)
12/12/96 Last liberals (John Guinther book review; Edmund Bacon)
12/19/96 Wilma Theater’s new home; Zizka; Joan Morris, Tiny Tim
12/27/96 Predicting 1997


1/3/97 Secrets of success (Allan Domb, Don Shula, Forum publishing strategy, Thacher Longstreth, Napoleon, Joe Segel)
1/9/97 Our Florida diaspora (Palm Beach, Boutros-Ghali)
1/16/97 Crimes of white people (Temple U., David Bradley, John Guinther, Ed Baker, street lights and crime)
1/23/97 That’ll teach me (Bureaucrat’s wet dream, Bill Bulman, Environmental Protection Agency, suburbs)
1/30/97 God strikes out? (Vatican on women, my ’97 predictions follow-up)
2/6/97 Where have all the journalists gone? (Inquirer, Eugene Roberts, Steve Lopez, Barlett and Steele, Steve Lovelady, Forum’s first birthday)
2/13/97 Unfinished business (Madeleine Albright, Alice Hoge, Phil Joyce)
2/20/97 The man who got away (G. Stockton Strawbridge eulogy, Susan Seiderman)
2/27/97 Frank Rizzo Jr., Thacher Longstreth, crime and therapy, Martin Luther King, Vincent Fumo)
3/6/97 Background check (parody re racial and ethnic backgrounds
3/13/97 Damned if you do (Bill Tilden, Eric Bogosian on suburbs, Vincent Fumo, John Duckett eulogy, Larry Singer)
3/20/97 Again: Who killed Kimberly? (Center City jogger, Kimberly Ernest, obesity, Marc Micozzi)
3/27/97 Howard Stern, philosopher (Pennsylvania Ballet, Joyce Mullins, Pride Weekly, tribalism, Convention Center)
4/3/97 Their cult and ours (Heaven’s Gate, New Era Philanthropy, John Bennett, Katharine Drexel
4/10/97 Emily Bronte, Call Your Agent (Running Press, Sisters, Carole Saline, Sharon Wohlmuth, Moe Septee)
4/17/04 In search of Mr. Big (Martin Weinberg, Loren Feldman, Philadelphia Magazine)
4/24/97 Accustomed to his face (Derek Davis departure from Forum)
5/1/97 Clinton as Pharaoh, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, Loren Feldman, Martin Weinberg, Black Water, American Music Theater Festival, Chappaquiddick, James Earl Ray)
5/8/97 Melting pot strikes again (Korean merchants, Mike Royko eulogy)
5/15/97 Fantasy land (Craig Rabinowitz, Stefanie Rabinowitz, “gentlemen’s clubs”)
5/22/97 Battle of the boxes (newspaper honor boxes, Bruce Schimmel, Paul Levy, Center City District)
5/29/97 Death of a magazine (Seven Arts, Allan Kalish, Dick Torbert, La Traviata)
6/5/97 Arden Theatre Co.’s Company; Hong Kong
6/12/97 Bernard Segal eulogy
7/10/97 Lake Annecy; MacJannets
7/17/97 Lynne Abraham/Jack McMahon videotape; Jules Feiffer; Stu Goldman; smoking at 1521 Café
7/24/97 Suburbanite’s nightmare (Seiderman); Café Nola; Bill Cosby’s adultery
7/31/97 The play’s the thing (Victor Golkow parody)
8/7/97 Re-thinking “equality” (Jerome & Marciarose Shestack, consumer short takes)
8/14/97 Michael Karp, Furness house on 17th St., Judge Alan Silberstein, Academy of Music
8/21/97 Argentina torture; Elvis Presley death; JFK Jr.; Stokowski papers
8/28/97 America’s police problem
9/4/97 Calf for slaughter (Princess Diana death, Edward Baker exonerated)
9/11/97 Conspiracy theories (Timothy McVeigh, Barlett and Steele, Andrew Cassell, Inquirer, Philadelphia Eagles, Ray Rhodes, Greek picnic)
9/18/97 Princess Diana’s last day (Harry Belafonte)
9/25/97 Good news for baby boomers (Georg Solti, Victor Satinsky, John Updike, Cocteau’s Indiscretions at Wilma Theater)
10/2/97 Future of the Jews (Elliott Abrams, Muncie, genealogy)
10/9/97 Power and the glory (Harry Jay Katz, Eliot Kaplan, Philadelphia magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, Bruce Buschel, The Player, Ted Beitchman, James Cramer)
10/16/97 Let Rendell be Rendell (historic preservation, Academy of Music, Ronald Eagan, Ted Beitchman)
10/23/97 A great day for the race (Lisa Rottenberg/David Yellin engagement)
10/30/97 Marooned in the suburbs (Center City residential promotion, Morton Klein, Zionist Organization of America, Michael Goldblatt)
11/6/97 Scenes I’d like to see (Rendell, Lynne Abraham, many more; Andrew Cassell, Fumo)
11/13/97 One cheer for Rite Aid (Delancey Pharmacy, Vladimir Sokoloff, Helen Hershoff, David Boldt)
11/20/97 Roll over, Stephen Girard (Girard College, Inquirer, Trudy Rubin)
11/27/97 The last large bank? (CoreStates, Inquirer, John D. MacArthur, Daniel Ludwig, prescience of Forum)
12/4/97 For the good of the institution (Penn football, Mitch Marrow, Jeremiah Ford)
12/11/97 Two women (reviews of Personal History, by Katharine Graham, and Wait Till Next Year, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
12/18/97 The delusions of Vincent Fumo (City Paper, Richard Sprague, Girard College)
12/25/97 A rational Christmas (Jesus, Roman Empire, Michael Goldblatt, Zionist Organization of America)


1/1/98 One hundred issues later (Forum, Titanic)
1/8/98 F__k it, you’ll read this! (Buzz Bissinger, Prayer For the City parody, Ed Rendell, Philadelphia Magazine)
1/15/98 The mental illness defense (Theodore Kaczynski, Lisa Michelle Lambert, Waterloo)